Commissioned early 1950’s Royal Quiet Deluxe – country botanical

This is the first of a series of botanical themed typewriters, it was commissioned by Stefana Pecher ( A.K.A the Country Doc). She is expanding her medical practice and wellness center soon to become the "Eagle Summit Medical Campus" which would include a medical cannabis dispensary, and a Veteran run farm non-profit "Better Together CT, Inc."

The design was inspired by Cindy Walker's typewriter featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Cindy Walker was a songwriter and country music singer. You've probably heard Roy Orbison's cover of her "Dream Baby", which may have been written on that machine! I thought this was an amazing coincidence because I was planning on doing a series of typewriters called Dream Babies, or Dream Machines. I use typewriters mostly to record my dreams each morning, and creative ideas throughout the day.
To wish Stefana luck in her new adventures, I've prepared this magical machine with images of six medicinal plants; Cannabis, Peppermint, Chamomile, Marsh Mallow, Wild Rose, and Echinacea. I number these in series with playing card designations, this one is the Queen of Clubs. (The suits of our modern card deck come from the four main economic forces in medieval Europe, Clubs = agriculture, Diamonds = merchants, Hearts = the church, and Spades = the military.)

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