RD-S5, Derby; Red, Off-white, and Blue 1964-66 Smith Corona Galaxie ll

Features: Original (reconditioned) blue platen, Custom case, 1 change-a-key, pivoting hood
serial#: 6T2 107976
suit#: RDS5

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Each machine from Type-Oh Design’s Galaxie Class series has been meticulously cleaned, reconditioned, refurbished, repaired, and tested. A new ribbon has either been installed ( by rewinding onto vintage metal spools), or included if the found ribbon is still useful.

The cases are functional, and have also been cleaned and repaired when necessary. The standard black plastic cases have been given a color treatment that reflects vintage luggage of the period (Samsonite/American Tourister).

In good working condition, with scuffs and scratches due to scuffing and scratching.

The Galaxie Class series is limited to thirteen signed and numbered models.